The reception is open every-day from 10 a.m. to 12 a.m. and from 5 p.m. till 7 p.m. On Sundays the reception is open from 6 p.m. till 7 p.m.  For urgent matters you will find telephone numbers in the information booklet in your apartment.In the reception you will find information about interesting events in the surroundings as well as restaurant tips.

Tennis-rackets and tennis-balls, ping-pong rackets and balls, billiard sticks and balls can be picked up in the reception. We are glad to be at your service for all kinds of need.


The apartments are renovated with a unique flair and original furniture, provided with modern comfort and equipped with everything you need.  In your apartment you will find a hairdryer, coffee-machine, electric water boiler, some salt and pepper and washing liquid.  

Dishwashers are in apartments 3, 4, 7, 10, 11 and 14. In front of the apartments tables and chairs are provided for out- door dining as part of the Italian way of life. For bigger groups, there is also a possibility to barbecue near the swimming-pool. 

The apartments will be prepared with clean bed linen and towels as well as kitchen towels and table-cloth. If your stay will last more than one week, you will receive a change of fresh bed linen and towels.

We recommend to bring your own towels for the swimming-pool and the beach. There are two washing machines at the Tenuta you may use. Upon payment your apartment can be cleaned during your stay.

At the day of your departure, please make sure your appartment is left in an orderly condition.   After your departure, final cleaning will be done which is included in the price of your apartment.

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Nowadays, both fortunately and unfortunately many people's lives revolve around being connected. While the internet makes doing business and keeping in touch much easier, it can be the downfall of a potentially great vacation where we should be disconnecting. The reason for not having WiFi in the holiday apartments, is to make it easier to relax and enjoy the surroundings and destination. Children who playfully discover the world around them and "connect" with nature, will remember their holidays.
For those, whose lives are nevertheless destined to combine work and vacations, we provide a free and comfortable WiFi room in Casaglia to which you will have access 24 hours. In order to connect, a password will be given to you. However, we invite you to "disconnect" as much as possible and spend holidays with your loved ones...!

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Fresh bread & eggs

For breakfast, we offer you our bread-service: from a list, which you will find in the reception, you may choose different kind of Italian bread types. Apart from white bread and cereal bread, we offer you typical Tuscan schiaccata as well as Pizza´s and sweet brioche, beloved start of the day by Italians.

You can order the bread the day before the deliverance and your fresh bread will be brought to your door the next morning.  Eggs can be bought as well at the spot, or if you wish, delivered to your door for breakfast.

High quality of local products.


Our boutique offers wine of Casaglia (Rosso di Toscana IGT and white Trebbiano) as well as our own extra virgin olive oil, of golden green colour, its rich aroma tasting slightly like almonds and sometimes even like peach.  At the turn of the third millenium, the extra virgin olive oil is still a sacred and mystic element tied to the territory.  It is a fundamental product of Mediterranean agriculture, food culture, and diet, thanks to its organoleptic properties and its undoubted nutritional value and, according to the most recent research, manifold healthy aspects.

Having this in mind, as organic farmers, we recognize the connection between the health of the earth and the health of ourselves. We are proud to inform you that in 2015 we finally received the Organic Certification.

In addition, Tenuta di Casaglia has its own water source. The water is of the highest quality and usually sufficient even in very hot summers. In the courtyard near the pool, the water can also be filled for direct consumption.

In our boutique we are also proud to present to you the first cosmetic line with biological tuscan extra virgin olive oil IGP "Prima Spremitura".  The extra virgin olive oil is not only a fundamental product of food culture but also, is recognized by  international scientists and in dermatological studies, as our skin's Number One Ally.  After the correct control and certification the oil is used as it comes from the press so that all the benefits of this precious active ingredient are transmitted to the skin to nourish, moisten and protect it.  As the Tuscan Oil is rich of Vitamin E, it is particularly suitable as a screen against free radicals which cause ageing.   

Give your skin a treat during your holidays...   

The luxury Tuscan land-life offers, is the high quality of local products rich of taste and healthy ingredients, and that in each season of the year.  Try the Cecina market on Tuesday mornings, and you will find the freshest cheese products, colourful fruits and vegetables well treated under the Italian sun, fresh fish and meat.

You will find typical regional products in the small grocery store in Casino di Terra (3 km), or in various big supermarkets in Cecina (15 km) where you can find high quality food.  

Summer Concerts

During spring and summer, Casaglia gathers young musicians from Italy and from all over Europe. The program includes classic (opera and instrumental) and entertainment (dance, jazz, percussion) music.
The concerts take place in the courtyard, "under the stars" or in the little concert hall of Casaglia.

The private concerts makes your holidays special.  Music gives you wings.. and good company with wine make the evenings unforgettable.  For a real holiday feeling, evening "pool parties" with DJ-music are organized during summer.  A fun evening with a lot of dancing that children and youngsters surely do not want to miss.

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In the private-owned village, there is beautiful and colourful antique chapel in which our guests can assist Roman Catholic Holy Mass during the summer season. The fact that there is a multitude of nationalities present in Casaglia, the Holy Mass is celebrated and sung in different languages.
Traditional feasts such as Triduum Pascuale  and Corpus Domine are kept and celebrated in this parochial.

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Weather forecast

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