At the very top of the hill is the wonderful sunny terrace with a swimming pool (14m x 6m), deck chairs, and large umbrellas. The perfect place for relaxing, cheerful hours and recreation. The swimming pool with very good water quality is cleaned for you every morning and is equipped with comfortable long-chairs.

The swimming pool is open from May until October, from 9 am till 7 pm.

Thanks to the new pool cover system (2014) used at night, the water reaches agreeable temperatures even during cooler days in spring and autumn.

We are proud to inform you that we use an eco-friendly water purification thanks to Alligator Systems (installed summer 2016). This new system uses water ionisation techniques and reduces the need for chemical use by up to 80%. It is perfect for children and allergy sufferers and produces crystal clear water.Der Swimming Pool ist von Mai bis Oktober geöffnet. Badeplatz und Wasser werden täglich mit einem zusätzlichen Ionisator gereinigt und laufend von der Behörde kontrolliert. Nachts und bei schlechtem, kühlem Wetter sorgt eine Abdeckplane dafür, dass das Wasser nicht so stark auskühlt.

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The tennis court is free for use for our guests. The court with a synthetic court is within the Castle grounds and is popular in the cooler morning and late afternoon hours. During your stay, it is possible to obtain private tennis lessons by our professional teacher Mr. Tommaso Lupo.

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Foot- and volleyball / Bocce game

For the football-loving boys there is a small football field in the western part of the area which can also be used for volleyball. Thanks to the lighting, you can stay here late at night and enjoy playing. Likewise, guests can enjoy another traditional "ball game": the bocce game is very popular for young and old.

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High chance of spotting wild animals

Hiking and biking

Waking up early in the morning in order to catch the stunning sunrise over the valley of Cecina is surely a unforgettable start of an inspiring walk in the paths of the hill of Casaglia. You will have a high chance of spotting wild animals such as falcons, deers, foxes, boars, porcupines..

You can take a cosy 45-minute walk starting from the courtyard of Casaglia following the paths around the hill, breathing in fresh landscape air and admire the landscape, leading you back where you started. This route is also popular for guests who evenly enjoy jogging around the castle grounds of Tenuta di Casaglia, a large round-about calculating a distance of around 500 metres.

Starting from Casaglia, you can also have a 1 and a half-hour walk amidst the intact nature leading you to the Chapel of Saint Lucy, a little antique chapel recently renovated (2013), where you can have a rest under the high trees, where you will find an ideal private picnic area with wooden tables and banks offering panoramic views.

In Tenuta di Casaglia we have a few bikes for you available which you can use (for free) in order to enjoy the extremely panoramic routes Tuscany offers. You can either cycle around the castle grounds of Casaglia - a large round-about around 500 metres long - to train your muscles and enjoy the nature, or if you are more advanced and had a good degree of training, you can cycle down the hill of Casaglia between the vineyards and follow the routes leading to charming villages in the vicinity like Casale Marittimo, Bolgheri or Querceto. All the towns and villages in the surroundings are worth a stop, especially Volterra, a beautiful itinerary requiring fitness. In the reception of Casaglia we can provide you with a map indicating easy routes, moderately challenging routes or challenging routes.

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Feel free to create your own "wellnessprogramm". The first warming sunrays, the fresh smell of green grass and the sound of the morning music of the birds is a real balsam for the soul and the body. In Casaglia you will find spots in the beautiful nature where you can relax far away from the daily hectic. Watching the magical sunrise over the harmonious Tuscan valleys are unforgettable, you can even meditate over the red sun disappearing in the sea.

Worth experiencing is a bath in the clear sea of Marina di Cecina (loc. Le Gorrete) at sunset. Just jump in the car, have a 25 minute drive along the Tuscan landscape in order to take a relaxing swim in the evening when beaches are empty and where restaurants offer excellent fish.

Pamper your skin with the Anti-stress body oil ideal for massage and afterbath. This splendid product, which you will find in our boutique, wraps your body in a pleasant sensation of well-being. Based on bioligical extra virgin olive oil and organic Avocado oil, this body oil guarantees wellness.

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Be creative

As for musicians, you are welcome to practice your instrument 2-3 hours a day in the little concert hall with perfect acoustics. There is a piano on the spot.

Feel free to organize a group of painters and they will find perfect surroundings to practice their talents. The breathtaking views are absolutely a source of inspiration...

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